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Sounds & Text to Speech

To get TTS (text to speech) in our chat room running MIRC you will need to download the MS-agent from Microsoft and all its components. If you already have it installed from previous programs (filetopia, magic spell, etc) you shouldn't need to download it..

First Go Here and follow the directions: Microsoft Agents Download Click Here

For sounds and TTS in mIRC: 

To Hear TTS in mIRC or Scoop go to File and options and under categories go to: 
sounds and agent and check mark enable sound for channels. Then choose and agent for your tts. Also go to sounds and choose enable sounds so you can hear wav sounds also. Lexicon is where you add your abbreviations. 

To hear wav sounds in mIRC or Scoop go to file, options and under categories go to  sounds and requests folder and check mark except sound requests . In order to hear everyones wav sounds you must have those wavs on your hard drive in the sounds  folder for mirc or scoop.

Click Here for our Wav sounds

Text to speech Abbreviation list!