In the Eyes of a Newbie

My first day in chat
I didn’t know what think.
I entered LINK’S PLACE
and started chatting with Link.

I was greeted and
welcomed from all around.
I was told by everyone to
turn on my sound.

They gave me Pointers
to help me along.
I found a wav file of
a funny song.

We ran around screaming
and stomping a fish.
Licking my plate, I think
thats a dish.

I fell off my chair laughing
and rolled on the floor.
I started using the force
more than before.

I told my kids that
I would be right back.
Ya ya sure sure
like I believe that.

We laughed out loud and
gave each other smiles
We became a family
with so many miles.

We had warm pillows
for after a boot.
We were all just joking around,
it was a hoot.

When I said good-bye
I didn’t want it to end.
But I knew that I had
found some great friends.

So the day I said hehehehe,
I knew that I’d had it.
I definitely had become