Link’s Place Memories

I remember when…..

How do I start a story with a Year of Memories. My name is Link and I started this room over a year ago and I remember when……

I was just a newbie on Powwow and had no idea what to do, I had visited some other communities and only found a few I was comfortable in and then I decided why not make a place everyone is comfortable in, so I opened Link’s Place.

Some of my first members were Donna, Hotrod, Bond, Adam, J C, Uncle Bob and JuJu to name a few. We would meet each night and Donna started the STF thing. We all thought it was so funny and we all started STF every time we saw each other. And that is how STF started… The room was really slow at that time there was only about 5 members.. But we had a great time. It was the quality not the quantity. We did meet a few new people in our slow days and we lost a few too, to Atlanta (our city that people went to and never came back) Lost in Atlanta.. STF Boy have we grown… 🙂

I can’t begin to tell you all my memories in one story so I will let some other members tell there memories. I have so much more to come.. soon….


I first came to Link4U… I had been to other rooms and they wouldn’t talk to me… or were very bad….Then I found this room… and it felt like home… my first friends here besides Link were Hotrod and Bond and Adam…Bond (nka Singledad) feeds his daughter plastic cheese… and he always shared with us… *ss… and Adam.. he was like a son to me… he never writes.. he never calls… idk what happened to him.. but I sure do miss him… Adam had a screen cam… it reloaded every minute.. and he left it on 24/7… so I would check to make sure he was home at night… lol… it would beep at him and wake him up all the time… lol…
stay tuned for more stories…..

I remember back when I was Donna… and everyone called me Donna… now I am Annod ¤ and everyone calls me Donna… hmmmmm… I better think about that… more to come…

Link always cooks for us here at Link’s Place…I especially like her recipe for steak… first you get a couple of good steaks… then you lock them in the oven so the baby won’t get burnt … then you sit and watch as they burn to a crisp because you can’t unlock the door until the oven is cool… lol

then there were the jjello wars… lol…

Annod ¤

I remember when I first came to Links Place..back when it was Link4u….lol. I remember someone saying to me “is your hear button on?” I had no idea that the program had text to speech! And like so many new users, hearing the robot for the first time, about made me focl!! And I have been addicted ever since! I had tried other rooms on Pow Wow, but nothing could compare to the atmosphere at Links. So what else can I say? I’m still here and this is home, thanks to all the wonderful friends I have met..and all the ones to come! Love you all, and remember to STF!!


I remember a couple of years ago saying I did not want a computer at home, the office was enough!
But Juju wanted one so I bought this thing and hooked to the Net.
Quite by accident I found Powwow and thought I would explore.
The first room I stumbled on was a joint named Link’s Place.
Donna, Hotrod, J.C. and, of course, Link, were so helpful to an internet illiterate that I wondered what they were selling.
It didn’t take long to find out!
The product was true, warm, FRIENDSHIP and the price was FREE.
I have been here ever since.
We have had lots of good times, too many funny things to count, and I am still amazed at Link’s imagination.
Thanks all.

Uncle Böb :®)

P.S. I AM going to get Juju a computer someday.

“I remember when” a year ago I lost my husband, Uncle Bob, to Link’s Place.

It’s O.K. though, he’s a happier feller. One of these days I’m going to join in but first he’s going to have to buy me my own computer because he’s always on this one! Hint-Hint! STF


I remember when I was searching for a new room to join and I felt like I was at home. And so I stayed and met a GREAT & AWSOME bunch of people that have become my long distance friends via the internet! Thanks to all in Links place, when I 1st joined who made me feel VERY VERY VERY welcome! (and also for all of the help too!)

Chef E (aka Ronda)

I first came to Link’s, I didn’t know anyone but slowly started coming in more often and now it’s my second home:) Everyone has been great. Although we never seen each other everyone has been there for me when I have needed friends the most. My Grandma passed away in January 1999 and it has been a very hard time for me even still, but everyone sent cards and words of encouragement to me that has helped a great deal and in a time like that I really needed to know people were there for me and I know that the people from Link’s Place have been and always will be there for me when I need them, no matter where in the world they are 🙂HUGS and STF


I can remember when I was only a ICQ user, Then one day a friend I talked with in New Zealand sent me a program called POw Wow and her name was Stashell. We installed it and the first place we when to was Links place and we have never made home anywhere else. Thank goodness we have our family here at LinksPlace because of all the great people who was there for my Don while I was in the hospital. I remember the wonderful card I received from my family at Links place. It was a great GET WELL CARD! 84 people signed it.Thank You All to family members at LINKS

The night we had Links Bar and Grill open, the night the girls, Carolina, Lavender, Donna, Tuti where dancing on the pool table and uncle bob had to fix it and the cyber cop where call. that was a great night Joker was bartender.

~Pat &Don~

I remember the friendship, the kind words and the laughs. The wonderful people who were like my family. I remember spending many nights in Links place. I remember the closeness of spirit I felt with the others in the “family” I remember laughing till I cried, I remember crying till I laughed. Thank you.


My hubby first found powwow. I was thinking “Another disappointing chat program.” ( I had been through several and hadn’t found any friends) Then I happened to run across Link’s Place. What can I say? The people I met were extremely warm and helpful..and just my luck!!! That was the night of the anniversary party!!! What an incredible time I had! Now, they can’t seem to get rid of me! I’M ADDICTED! Thank you Link for creating my home away from home, and thanks to all my powwow buddies…you guys are always around and I love you for it! Tc hago syl hty ss and STF!!

Not Impressd

I first came into Links the people in there were so welcoming and nice I felt immediately at home and have spent more time in there than anywhere else in Powwow ever since. I have met some wonderful people who I spend more time with than my own family! The friendships I have made in there I hope will last for a lifetime!
Aussie Dolphin

I remember when I first heard stf I didn’t know what it meant . and my mom Toots I don’t think ever knew what the the heck every one meant when they stf but she still said it . lol I love and miss her miss going there to see her.


I remember my birthday… I was having a really hard time turning 48, idk why… but I came into Link’s Place, and wow! What a suprise…there were all these strangers there… then I realize that they all had brands of shoes for their nicks… lol…
It was the first every birthday party at Link’s Place… It was so cool…nobody knows, but I sat there and cried because I have such good friends here… ss… thank you everyone…
Annod ¤



I first came into Link’s place, everyone was so very kind.. Of course I love to laugh and you all accepted my LOL’s.. That is what I really love about Link’s… A great place to be with my great friends, and have a great laugh!!!! God Bless!!!! aka,Frankie

Jello Plague that Hit Links Place as well as the Liau…two great nights, thanks so much, never had so much fun by my self….pins medal of honor on Link!
Ah Say Ota’

I remember when I first came
to links place last year.
When I first came every won
said utfl lol. I love and
every won still does. I still
feel as welcome today as the first
time I came here. so to every won here
at links place utfl lol.


I can remember when link has her parties, at her house and boy does she like the smoothies, of course she is a (smoothie) herself. Thanks link for the wonderful times and great place we all call our second home, heck we are there more than we are with our own familys! LOL :>)


OK, then there was the time that the 2 women came and and said they were blind and asked if we would say our names before we spoke so they would know who was talking… and we fell for it hook, line, and sinker… lol… we would say our names… and it sounded like we were talking to ourselves…we were all chatting and saying names and ras in a soi… and the blind women answered us even when we didn’t say our names…. hmmmmmmmmm????? kinda fishy huh?… lol…
Stay tuned, I have a million of ’em…

Annod ¤

A group of regulars played a joke on Zulu. We had just met and Zulu seemed to be unaware of the dangers of Virii and Trojans. With a bit of help from a few good friends, I made Zulu think that I could access their computers online. Each person involved would type “Woody¿ was here” and broadcast it in Link’s Place and then say “Hey, where did that coe from?”. With a bit of luck I guessed that Zulu had not registered Windows and told him he should. He swallowed the story (all fake) hook, line, and sinker, and downloaded every imaginable anti-virus and anti-hacking program he could find. After two days we told him what we had done to him. He congratulated us on a great joke, and actually thanked us for making him read about virii etc. What a prince of a guy. He took it so well. This is one of my fondest memories of Link’s Place and zulu has become a close friend, despite the fact that we have never met in real life.

I was one of the first in Link4U and it has not changed a bit. The same warmth, friendship and comfortable feeling still prevails to-day as it did over a year ago. This is due in large part to Link, Donna/annod and Hotrod. You may leave but when you come back it is as if you have never left. For those in the know, I still make my famous Kraft Dinner….lol. May the best always be with you and may a smile always grace the faces of the people you meet.


Well as the host of Link4U (what the community was first named) and my name was link4u everyone started calling me LINK so as time went on we voted to call the room LINKS PLACE and it has been that ever since. I have many more stories and so do all of us and I and everyone will for sure be bringing in some more big stories soon.. We haven’t even told you of our Holidays in LINKS PLACE.. Or our new typos language . 🙂


Well let me tell you a bit about our parties. We started with our Halloween party which everyone in the room changed there name and pictures to become there Halloween character.. Now some even made new users which made it very hard to figure out who was who. We spent the whole night laughing and trying to guess who everyone was. We have had theme parties for birthdays and just plain fun.. Some of our theme parties we were birthday things, shoes, cars, colors, even abbreviations. We try and have a online party at least every couple of months.. We have had an online birth a wedding, beach parties, christmas parties, hawaiin Luau, and many more I cant begin to count… I will bring you more stories soon……. Lets have some fun …


I remember when I first came to my first chat room, of coarse LINK4U. I kept wondering for about two weeks if Link was male or female…lol. Did someone say a birthday? Donna or Uncle Bob? Neither one of you used the gift I gave you! Guess it was too far to come to open the safe with the combination I gave you! I also remember the first time someone told me to put the HEAR on. I thought it was so cool. LOL Then I would turn it off cause Hubbie was sleeping and you guys would tell me to turn it on again! Hi to everyone!

Jami, I and some others all changed our name to the same handle and color ect. so we all looked alike and no one could tell who was talking. Then we went into another room like that and realy confused some um, dirty minded people.

J. (PattonFNM)

I got yelled at for my language, oh wait, that’s every time I come in!
Sorry! I get carried away sometimes! (Which I realy should work at since I am a Broadcasting major!) I also remember getting asked just what “PattonFNM” meant. And now that I use the name I usualy use everywhere else, I’ll probably get asked what “J.” stands for.
All I have to say is that to my knowlege, only one person knows so sp better not tell! (O.k., I admit it, I want ppl to find out the hard way!)


Bob as white as veal at the luau

bob and la la

when i first enter links everyone was really cool

When i first got Pow Wow I went to a few other rooms but like most was not happy with the language or the actions so I finally landed in Link’s, the best landing pad I’ve found! lol I have meet some wonderful people that i consider friends and hope they do in return. My daughter just couldn’t stand it so she went and got a new computer so she could join us too!!!

How do you tell a story that effected so many and hurt so many. What has happened in Links Place is something that could make or break a room.. In our case there is a stronger bond of friendship between us all that went through the time I am about to tell you about…. It is such a complicated story it may take a few different sections and input from other people to really help you understand what we went through and how links place survived this. It is something we all will never forget and it does need to be told. I hope I am not hurting anybody by bringing up again.

I am gonna tell you a story of a user I met online. Her name was Torah. I wont ever forget that name. She came into links place and was very upset telling me a friend of mine gave her a virus. It was actually a joke program. As I talked to her more we became friends. We use to chat alot online late night talking on the microphone till wee hours in the morning. She came in the room alot and became a member of our family and friends to us all. She was a wonderful artist and showed me lots of her drawings. So I asked her if she could design Links Place T-shirts with a fish on them. She and I started our project sending back and forth drafts and stuff making changes and laughing alot. The she wanted to do a baby contest for Links Place so she made a web Page and got members baby pictures and we were gonna have a match the members and there baby pictures. Half way through designing the site she got real sick and asked me to finish the site. I found out she had cancer from what she told me. So I took over the contest design for her. We were all worried for her and her health. She came in less and less and when she did she told me she was going to have some operations. I and alot of members had become very close to her so we prayed everyday she would be ok. She made a wonderful design for my shirts and we made them. I sent her some shirts for her to take to the hospital stay. We had our upcoming contest so we were praying she would be ok to be here for it. The day of the contest (three days before thanksgiving) she called me on the phone and told me she wasn’t feeling to well and asked if we could do the contest early. So I talked with her for a while to pass the time since no one was in room yet to do the contest. Anyways we decided to have it early cause she wanted to go lay down. She gave the answers to all the matches since it was her contest and we all laughed and had a great time. Then she said good bye and was gonna go lay down. About three hours later that evening (a Saturday night packed room) and we were all laughing and having a blast cause of the contest. Her husband gets online and tells us she has died… (don’t be sad there is alot more to this story)

We of course were devastated to say the least. We all cried and read poems and it was the most terrible yet the strongest bond of togetherness and friendship I have ever felt even in real life. We truly felt the loss of our friend. We all felt so helpless in the following days and didn’t know what to say in the room that I decided to make a website we could all say our good byes to her. It was a beautiful website and over 150 people signed it saying there good-byes. It helped us heal as we were all going through mourning her death.

Then as we are starting to feel some comfort her husband contacts me and tells me she made us a good bye website. It had a voice recording of her telling goodbye to everyone at Links Place. It just ripped another hole in our hearts. We all decided to put T’s by our names in remembrance of her. It was very hard for us all but brought us closer together.

Well about two weeks after this happen a newbie comes into the room, it was pretty late at night just a few people there, the users name was majestic lady. She asked us why we all had T’s by our names. We explained that we were remember a member of Links Place we recently had lost..She said “OH, I have a cousin named Torah” she explained she had not seen her cousin in 20 years due to family conflicts. As it turned out this Majestic Lady was her cousin so she said. (So we thought with suspicious minds).. Talk about instant messages flying around the room.. Everyone was in shock this long lost cousin just happen to stumble into our room. At the time we were so devastated of the loss of our friend we didn’t question it as much as we should have. So we welcomed her with open arms. Only she started going on and on how she felt uncomfortable us all talking of Torah and not including her. Which was not the case.. So in turn I received terrible emails from Torah’s husband stating we were causing trouble in his life and his cousins life. Which was not the case since we always were kind and considerate to this majestic lady,.. I felt awful and so did everyone in the room .. Then a week before Christmas I was a bit irritated that this cousin was saying we were being mean to her and I got upset she was bothering torahs husband and putting him through lies and things he didn’t need at the time. So I told everyone tell Majestic Lady I wanted to speak to her when she came in (figuring I would find out what the deal was) Well that night I got an email from Torahs husband telling me Majestic Lady had been hit by a truck and was killed. We did nothing, no memorial, nothing, we were all in shock..

I thought to myself no way! This is not possible, this is just too strange it must be somebody playing a joke. Well we were all suspicious at this point trying to solve this mystery and I mean it effected all our lives and our real lives.

You want me to keep going the story gets even more twisted..

Ok here it is!!! As the days came closer to the New year the room started to get back to normal and we all began to heal with our friendships stronger than ever. A few weeks after new years day we were all still puzzled by what had happened with majestic lady and some members were even consumed by finding out what really happened. Many new people joined the room. One in particular caught Carolina’s (links place moderator) attention. Carolina then paged me and said oh my god this user is Torah.. I said no way Torah was our friend she would not do something like this it has to be her husband or someone playing a joke. I knew in my heart that she was gone & this was some kind of prank. Well Carolina and Lavender and I paged this user into private, this user had been coming to the room for about 3 weeks and I knew her but not real well. So we asked her to prove it to us if she was who she said she was. Lavender and Carolina both asked her questions and then I said ok lets talk on Microphone (since I had many times before and on phone I knew her voice) at that moment my phone rang and I have never felt such a chill as I did at that moment. As I heard the voice on the other end say “its me Hi LINK”… And it was Torah!!!

She did not die and had faked her whole death. Majestic Lady (the cousin) was her also. I don’t know what kind of game it was but I do know that the day I answered the phone and heard her voice all I could think of was, oh how these friends of mine in Links place have been hurting over this woman and here she is saying hi to me. I spent three days trying to figure a way to tell everyone the truth without hurting them all over again. But I knew as there friend I could not keep this from the members of Link’s Place . So I made a website and told all my friends online and offline the truth.. She never apologized to the members of Link’s Place and she never came in the room and faced us.. She really did die that day in our eyes! We were humiliated and hurt by this person and we hope that this story will help other people online.

The day Torah died……This memory we have all been through has been one of the hardest things for anybody to endure. Yet we all survived. We are victims of a terrible prank. What we have gained from it is wisdom, and the strongest bond of love and friendship that will last a lifetime.


Well I’m going to start the story back about a year before I found Links Place. I bought I new computer and didn’t even really know how to turn it on. One of the sales man told me to try downloading Powwow and gave me the address and all the instructions on how to do it. Well I got everything downloaded and got into a room, which by the was was new users, and looked around alittle and didn’t stay. Things moved way to fast for me. Well I uninstalled it and went to another chat program. Little did I know that I was going to miss the opening of Links which happend about 2 weeks later.

Well as time went by I tried and tried to get my friend in South Carolina to get a computer. “We can talk everyday without big phone bills” I told her. Well time still went on. Along about June of 98 she calles me at work and said why arn’t you online? Well he had moved and was waiting for the phone company to get a phone line in and then is when I started to panic. I called the isp and got my account transfered and waited for the phone company, which took about 2 weeks.

Well the day arrived that the phone was on, Guess what the first thing I did was? Email my friend. First I downloaded ICQ, so she could talk me throught setting up Powwow. And when I entered Links place, where she had been a member for a couple months, I was scared to death. Which is really funny now because all me very best friends are their now. If I need someone all I have to do is go online and they are there, Link, Lavender, Carolina, Annod, Uncle Bob, Tron and the list could go on and on. If I’m blue they bring me up. If I’m having computer problems they help me. an I know that I get on their nerves because sometimes I don’t understand a thing they are talking about and they have to rephrase everything for me, but I’m learning.

There is just something about Links Place that’s home. And home is where the heart is.

bren^ :o)

Wow, I have so many wonderful memories of Link’s, if anyone should it’s me.
When I first started hanging out in Link’s I was lonely and depressed, there were so many great people in there. I was saved from many a tear by Donna (my best net buddy and big sis, lol), and Unkie always had a place for me to sit in the corner, and Caro, and Bren, and Roc, and of course Linky, and Hotrod and Lady H., and Coke, and Lavi, and Miss Pat and Dirty D,and Jami and Carl, and denny,and gifty, so many wonderful people who lifted me from the depths of despair and helped me turn my life around. I looked forward to coming home and turning on my computer to talk with my friends and family in Link’s.
One day when I was really down and there weren’t a lot of ppl in I started talking to joker, I’dd seen him in before and he was always bright and happy and jja with ppl. He talked to me for awhile and made me feel better. I found myself looking for him when I was in Link’s and talking to him more and more frequently. Finally we started talking on the phone. Then on My birthday December 30, He flew in from Texas to meet me. It was amazing how we knew one another at first sight, and we got along wonderfully..
I flew to Texas to see him twice and drove out twice andwe talked endlessly on the phone, (some of you will remember, gotta run wwa for the phone to ring),
We finally got it together and on March 12th were married online in Link’s Place, with the rite reverend Linky officiating, it was a wonderful and tearful event. Now we are married in real life and live on six acres of land and have a nice home and kids and animals and everything.
When I think of Link’s I think about how God must have sent her and the people here to change my life and make it wonderful. I feel truly blessed to have you all in my life. The first crowd and the new crowd, masque and stargazer and hia and all you newbies.
I just want to say thank’s for the memories and giving me my jokerand a chance at true love that’s pure and wonderful.
If I negleccted to mention any of the special ppl in here that have touched my life, please forgive me, there are so many and I love you all and every one of you is special to me. I am crying but not in disgrace, they are tears of thankfullness and joy, that you are all a part of my life. I thank God everyday for all of you and joker too.
HTY all
ILY guys


Everyone used to ask me what chicken milk is because they didn’t know what it was. And now … still no one knows what chicken milk is, but they quit asking. Hmmm … wonder why?
Chicken Milk

Mine first time in links is now almost a year ago

I just had the Internet and was looking for some fun stuff
I am a Dutch person and was first in a Dutch Community
But i liked more the english typings one
Even with my bad English i found Links Place and it was really a warm welcome in there
And i just stayed there a lot on the backgound and listning
later on i joined them all and it was real fun
The helped me with my english typing
Some even corrected me when i typed some thing wrong
And i am really thank full for that 🙂
I am in Links Place so much time that i can get
I love to chat with ppl and help ppl in there
I see Links Place like my second home
and have a lot of fun and cryings in there
but all time it come’s fine again even when i have bad times
The Ppl in there are really really great friends
Even the don’t know you in person The will be there for you
In Good and Bad time’s And by this i want to THANK YOU ALL FOR IT

Regards from Hiawatha {{ will put in some more later on }}

I first came into links place. I was so shy and didnt say anything. But everyone here helped me feel at home and made links place my second home O:-)

Hi there, Well we had our first Party will live music.. Wow what fun.. Krankit radio did our music on Real Audio and boy we all danced and had a great time. Annod stole all the lobster and pat had to go get more. We all ate food and Drifter680 the D J didn’t like the salad dressing. We had food fights and got food in the pool even then everyone one went swimming. Lots of Dancing and we all had colds cause our real players were congested But we had a great time. Our first beach party with music.. Thanks to krankit.. We will have many more to come..



We have lots of GREAT memories from Link’s Place over the past two years but this is the BEST!

There is not enough space on this page to describe all the fun we had but as briefly as I can, here are the highlights:

JuJu and I had not been to Vegas before but we will go back. There is something to do there for almost everyone – 24 hours a day if you can last that long. Link made an excellent choice of locations for this adventure. (The first of many things that were done exceedingly well).

Link and Mr. Link worked tirelessly, and successfully, to see that we ALL enjoyed every minute we had in the few short days we were together. We visited as many of the major attractions as possible in the time we had and all were awesome, entertaining and great fun. Just to mention a few:

We stayed at Circus Circus, visited the casinos and shows at The Stratosphere, Paris, The Mirage, Treasure Island (the pirate ship battle in the bay was unbelievable), The Frontier, New York New York, MGM Grand, Deep Space 9, Quark’s Bar (where they have blue Romulan Ale) and the Star Trek Adventure where we were “abducted” by the Klingons and took a fantastic voyage into outerspace … LOL … try it!

Best of all is that we were able to spend a few short days (in real life) with our SPECIAL friends Link, Mr. Link and Pat and Don. We will cherish these memories till we meet again SOON we hope.

Our only regrets are that the visit didn’t last longer and that the rest of our Link’s Place Family of friends were (for many reasons that we understand) not able to be with us. You missed a GREAT TIME. Hope more of you can join us at the next reunion.

Our sincere thanks to Link and Mr. Link! —- HNK — WWA for next time … STF

Uncle Bob and JuJu

Discovering Links Place

While surfing the net, late one night,
Stop in at Links Place at dawn’s first light,
Had been to other rooms to relax and chat,
But to my dismay, it was more like combat,
Couldn’t handle the stress so decided to leave,
Then popped into Links, as big as you please,
Was so relaxing there and fun as could be,
There was Bob & La La, Zulu, Gate, and Tizme,
Jenni, Pat, Yasmin, Chickey, and also Poohfan,
So keep coming back as much as I can,
There are more to mention, like, Jerry, Gabberated, Forry, Cow, Woody, and, LINK,
Potter, Anita, Stargazer, Annod, Crash, and WishTink
Dick, Bren, Onesummer, Uncle Bob, Lav, and Hiawatha
Cathy, Dara, Cazzie, Geena, Delicate, Muppy, and Xena,
I am offering my apoloizes to those I’ve forgot,
I know there are many that are part of this lot,
These friends that I’ve met, seem part of my life,
They are always there, when there is trouble or strife!
They make visiting the net as fun as be can,
They have all became special and precious to me,
They offer their comfort, advice if they can,
I know you will never find a better place to chat,
Than with this LINK’S CLAN!!
Love to All,
Thanks Link for making the best chat community on the net!!!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Link’s Place
People were ras; Oh what a disgrace!
They were stomping those fishes and laughing out loud
They were really quite noisy, this boisterous crowd

The lurkers were nestled all snug on their couch
In hopes that Lavender would not be a grouch
I was minding my own business and dreaming of shoes
Bob was thinking of fishing; Cow Pie was singing the blues

When all of a sudden things started to happen
Rocker said “idk” and luke stopped his nappin’
Tron said I’ll brb, but I’ll make it quick
Moosie offered us all a trout on a stick

And then in a twinkling I heard on my speakers
“Hey, I’m here” and in popped St. Linkers
She spelled not a word, but typoed instead
And greeted everybody in a font that was quite red.

“Hi Anonod and Bobo and brean & Rcocker”
And we couldn’t resist it, we just had to mock her 🙂
She greeted us all with her usual cheer
And Hotrod said “brb …. getting more beer”

Then St. Link started cooking with her usual zest
Locking steaks in the oven, and making a mess
The baby was crying, she needed a nap
So St. Link typed with toes holding baby in lap

She said I can’t stay long, but I just wanted to say
That I hope all my friends have a great Christmas day
I better get off now, Mr. Link’s home at eight
But Merry Christmas to all and to Annod lmp

  • Names have been changed to protect the innocent….. lol….
    Annod ¤

I’ve just been reading Links Place memories again, and it occurred to me just how much a part of my life this community has become – so I felt inspired to add a few thoughts. It’s now year 2000, and it is with a huge sense of relief that I see the last year, and decade even, slip away into history. I have just endured the 2 most difficult years of my life – my 3 adorable daughters were taken out of the country a year and half ago by their unscrupulous mother – I have had no contact with them at all for a year, and the Australian court has only just recently discovered their whereabouts – this drama continues. My unhappiness during this time was made complete by the woman I was so utterly in love with, walking out on me. I mention these miseries only to say how much coming into Links Place has sustained me during this impossible period. I will always regard the special people in Links with the greatest respect, and I feel I owe Link an enormous debt of gratitude. Thank you Link!
ps – loved Annod’s poem! 🙂


hmmm.. where to begin.. I started on powwow a long time ago.. I found some good chat rooms and some bad ones then around Oct. Nov. ’99 Jami told me about Links… I was like ok Jami likes it let me give it a try… and everyone was so nice to me.. they were all there for me when I needed a friend or a hug or just someone to talk to.. I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was to me and they have never met me.. I have met some really great ppl here.. and even though I attented the christmas party and yet another bad thing happened.. i still had fun with ppl who were like family.. Thanks everyone.. and now that life is grand cept what happened Sat.. I hope I can be there for everyone just like they were for me


Hey we made it. It’s the year 2000 and Links Place has survived. I want to thank everyone for all the support and friendship we have all given each other. Ya know, I may have started the room with a smile or a kind gesture but it really goes a long ways. One person does it and then the next and before you know it the whole room is being kind and greeting people, and sharing friendship and kindness. I may have started this community but you all made this community with your friendship and kindness. It has changed my life and filled it with friendship in bounds. I have come to be friends with alot of people and watch them grow along with me in knowledge, kindness and friendship and some in love. I am happy to be apart of it and our home is truly blessed. For without all of you I would feel empty. Thank you all for becoming my friends and for helping others realize how much a kind gesture can mean in this world. Every day is a struggle in life and we make the best of it. I will say the people in Links place have helped me through alot. I have met and known alot of people in the last two years. Some we have lost, some have gone away but most always come back. So even if we don’t see you for a while or you lose your way. Remember there is always a home here waiting for you at Links Place.

Your Friend LINK~:©)

First off all the friendly ppl, never made so many friends so quickly:) I guess the some of the best times was when the bar was open, lol, and the worse was the night we all cried together when we thought we lost a friend:( That made us even closer. The baby contest was great, won a cup that I still drink out of, in fact the only cup I use:)I don’t get in much as I use to but when I do I still get the warm greetings from everyone like I remember:)I will always have memories of Link’s Place!

u know it’s been almost a year when i first started if u would have ask me then that i would have found so many friends or could have felt the way i do about the people in links, csg there just aint nw! you are all so great. so sorry there are no words to express the feeling i have for all the love and friendship we all feel in link’s. ty all and god bless. there r just too many to mention or not even enouigh room to try. thx all hty all
drifter url pls

I remember every time another key goes AWOL on Zulu’s keyboard. Then we rib him a bit by sending messages. Like the time his “S” key stopped working, then we would say things like ” _o, Zulu, you gonna be a _ailor in the _ecret _ubmarine _ervice? or what?”. On and on it would go..until Zu threatened us with kneecap breakage or some similar form of death 🙂

I remember joining Links when things were pretty tough here for me .. life after “divorce” lol
I met some amazing people who have become quite special in my life. My very first buddy, Zulu, the night crew.. Tizme and Pooh … I cant imagine life without special friends and Linksplace afforded me the opportunity to meet them. Thanks Link! I look forward to meeting you all again “post Pow” ..


I remember coming to Links for the first time. I had just bought my computer and I was feeling down. I had just found out that I had cancer and the people in Links were so warm to me. I know I must have yak’d a lot about it, but one of you turned a deaf ear. For that I am truel grateful. I met someone special to me and maybe she does not know it, but I am talking about Bren. She led me to a room where I was able to talk about my troubles, but for the love of the people in Links I keep coming back in. My may purpose in life is make one person a day smile, and I truely hope I was able to do that to at least one of you. I love you Links, keep up the good work.

Powwow became the majority of my life … saved my life in fact ….. with Powwow I realized that there was people in the world that did care and gave me a family that I felt I was lacking in life …. I have made many life long friends through Powwow and had many fun times that without it never would have been in my life … With Powwow like the majority of us all we got to go places and be people that otherwise we never would have seen in our lifes … I have always looked at a relationship as cherish the memories but when it’s over then it’s time was over and other better things were waiting on us in the future …. Sincerely I am hoping that with the death of Powwow that there is better and brighter things waiting in the future for us all ….. Luv you guys ….. huggerzzzzzz


The coolest time we spent in Las Vagas with Link and her hubby, Uncle Bob & Ju Ju…That was the most fun… We ever had..
Pat & Don

In February 2002 I “Accidentally” Landed in “Linksplace Chat Room”(I had been looking at the e-cards) Something made me “Click” on The “CHAT” Button,lol So i did & my 1st ChatRoom. Hmmm! They Welcomed me! & Told me to come back soon.I did the next nite.& i got “GTSY! WOW! I started going into Linksplace at nite about,9 pm EST.& i get..HI RED GTSY! :)I’m just as glad to see them,( Link,Unclebob,Annod Nova,etc. (& POOH..:Þ “Keep your Chin up!lol)as they are me! 😀 We all have our UP’s & Down’s….But…no matter what! They listen! There is a lot of SWL,lol,focl, etc & The..WAVS! They are so Kool! He HE HE!:)I feel at “HOME” in Linksplace,with “My new Family!” Thank Youz.. for including me! LTA= Love To All! “RED!”,aka,ScottishMS,or LILRED!) O:-)


More to Come…………..

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